Sunday, April 24, 2005

Buddhist Monk from Myanmar

Old pagodas in Bagan in late afternoon.

Finding a Buddhist Monk's blog page at I sent the following reply:

Dear Bikkhu

Several years ago I visited Myanmar with my Vipassana lay teacher S N Goenka and another 500 of his students. We visited the sites of the chain of teachers from which he comes, U Ba Khin, Sayagi Thetgi, Ledi Sayadaw, and other important Buddhist and Vipassana sites.

The people of Myanmar are very friendly and kind in spite of the difficult circumstances in the country. It was wonderful to travel with so many people commited to Dhamma. We were received with great kindness and respect in many places and I wish for happiness and prosperity for the people of Myanmar.

One comment about your interests. If you put "pali, abhidhamma, python" instead of the phrases that you have, then they will act as links to other people with similar interests.

I also have an interest in all three of these things. I would be happy to discuss them all with you.

Metta Ray Tomes


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