Sunday, April 24, 2005

Towards a new theory - NON-LINEARITY

Dear Members of the Yahoo group Physics_Frontier, Given that the aim of this group is to abandon difficulties with physics and cosmology, I want to put forward some views that I think can take us a long way towards a new theory. Such a new theory should hopefully unite previously disconnected branches of knowledge. NON-LINEARITY The most important part of a new theory is the recognition of the part that non-linearity has to play in it. When understanding matter and e/m it is impossible for an ultimate theory to be linear. That is because when we add the wave forms of things together, if they are all linear then there cannot be interaction. This follows simply from the fact that in a linear system F(a+b)=F(a)+F(b) and it makes not a tiny bit of difference to light that matter exists if the universal equations are linear. In fact, under GR (which I think is mathematically essentially correct) e/m is non-linear because all energy gravitates or distorts space-time. That means that the above equation is not true in GR. That means that light and matter must interact in GR. That is very good, because we know that they do, but they interact a lot more than just what GR says. That leads to QM. The problem with QM is that there are a vast number of hidden assumptions. To do physics properly we need all the assumptions out in the open. That is Einstein's great contribution, and before him we may mention Euclid who made all his assumptions clear as axioms and then deduced everything else from these. This is a model for us all. Some of the assumptions of QM seem to be that particle masses are constant over time. This has been questioned by Narlikar, Hoyle, Arp, Burbidge etc. and there are alternative physics / cosmologies where this assumption is not made. I believe that they are closer to the truth. Later, I will argue a lot further from the simple starting point today. All I want to establish now is that ultimate theories must be non-linear or else we would never observe anything. The senses depend on interaction that changes the otherwise continued development of e/m (and other) waves. Interaction in this sense absolutely means non-linearity. After any discussion on this post, I will move on to showing that if non-linearity is accepted as a premise then particles must develop over time. This will lead into Le Sage theory of gravity, particle mass change, Cosmological red shift, and my own personal work of the Harmonics Theory. This theory gives many answers, including quite a few that no-one ever asked. See Regards Ray Tomes


Blogger researcher said...

Hi Ray,

Have you ever looked at Dr. Fran De Aquino's work at:

His paper Kinetics appears to agree with your Harmonics theory. Could sound be used as a medium to harness negative mass effect?

You have a fascinating Site.


Tom Ellis

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