Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Waves logo

I designed the wave logo shown here for my web site which now resides at http://ray.tomes.biz and is mainly about cycles and the harmonics theory with some other random stuff such as some art and champagne wire sculpture.

Unless I tell about the design, no-one will every know...

The three waves in red, green and blue are in the exact proportion of 3:4:5 in frequency. These frequencies are the correct relative frequencies for the three colours shown. Also, they are the frequencies of a major chord in music such as G-E-C. Lastly, 3:4:5 are the proportions of the famous right angled triangle of pythagoras who was also the founder of the mathematical basis of music and harmonics.


Blogger SS said...

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Blogger SS said...

Boy ! Its such a relief to see somebody (you) who shares my interests in physics, astronomy *and* Vipassana! What's more, I am a software developer. I guess I am not a freak afterall !

5:24 pm  

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