Friday, April 29, 2005

Vipassana meditation and the Buddha's teaching

Quoted from S N Goenka (shown in picture) when asked about the Buddha's teaching of Vipassana:

"When I began to learn Vipassana meditation, I became convinced that Buddha was a not a founder of religion, he was a super-scientist. A spiritual super-scientist.

When he teaches morality, the point is, of course, there that we are human beings, living in human society, and we should not do anything which would harm the society. It’s quite true. But then—and it’s as a scientist he’s talking here—he says that when you harm anybody, when you perform any unwholesome action, you are the first victim. You first harm yourself and then you harm others. As soon as a defilement arises in the mind, your nature is such that you feel miserable. That is what Vipassana teaches me."

See for more information about Vipassana and the 100 centres around the world where 10-day courses by S N Goenka are taught.


Blogger SS said...

Sadhu Sadhu !

7:24 pm  
Blogger Thomas said...

Indeed, there is a lot of science in Buddha's teachings. I agree that it's quite logical to not harm others because the individual would soon suffer from the negativity brought about by the guilt in his system.

The study of Thetahealing also focuses on removing the negativity in man's system. Thetahealing is more than just the ability to remove illnesses, it's a lifestyle that one embraces. Theta healing is all about engaging in a life of constant communication with the creator. That way, a steady flow of positive energy would be present in one's life.

Thanks for sharing!

9:50 pm  

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