Saturday, May 14, 2005

(almost) everything is expanding!

On 5-November-2005 I put up a web page titled: (almost) everything is expanding! which showed that the GPS measurements of continental drift clearly had a strong bias towards the earth itself expanding as you can see for yourself there. According to most cosmologists the expansion of the universe does not apply at this scale. Oops!

Today I received an email from V Guruprasad who had already been thinking along similar lines before me and thanking me for the GPS station analysis. At the above page it has links to his published papers and web site. Keep it up Prasad!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Low Frequency Radio Astronomy From Space

I am interested in developments in low frequency radio astronomy. It is necessary to go to space to extend the range of observation because the lower frequencies cannot penetrate to the surface of the earth. The article Low Frequency Radio Astronomy From Space states in part: "The opening of a new spectral window for astronomical investigations has always resulted in major discoveries, significant insights into astrophysical processes, and an enrichment of our understanding of the universe. Interferometric space or lunar based arrays for imaging the entire sky below 30 MHz will cover a frequency range which is totally inaccessible or extremely difficult to observe from the ground due to ionospheric absorption and scattering. This is a region of the electromagnetic spectrum which is essentially unexplored by astronomy but which, at ~106 Hz, is likely to display phenomena as different from those at centimeter radio wavelengths (~109 Hz) as centimeter radio phenomena are from infrared (~1012 Hz), infrared are from the ultraviolet (~1015 Hz), or ultraviolet are from the X-ray (~1018 Hz)." My interest is partly because cosmologists claim that there are 411 photons per cubic centimetre in the universe. This remarkably precise figure comes from measurements of the CMBR (Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation). However this ignores the fact that over the range from 10^23 Hz to 10^6 Hz the no. of photons per cubic centimetre grows by a factor of 10^15 and looks a lot like it intends to keep doing this at lower frequencies. See background radiation intensity for a graph. With the new space based measurements I predict that the flux will continue to grow at lower frequencies and that the 411 photons per cc of space will ultimately be shown to be wrong by an incredibly large factor. Actually I don't think that there are any "photons" in flight at all. Photons are only a useful concept at the time of emission and the time of absorption of e/m energy - there are no photons in flight, just the continuous development of the e/m fields.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Waves logo

I designed the wave logo shown here for my web site which now resides at and is mainly about cycles and the harmonics theory with some other random stuff such as some art and champagne wire sculpture.

Unless I tell about the design, no-one will every know...

The three waves in red, green and blue are in the exact proportion of 3:4:5 in frequency. These frequencies are the correct relative frequencies for the three colours shown. Also, they are the frequencies of a major chord in music such as G-E-C. Lastly, 3:4:5 are the proportions of the famous right angled triangle of pythagoras who was also the founder of the mathematical basis of music and harmonics.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Is global warming caused by humans?

There is little doubt that humans have caused a massive increase in CO2 levels in the atmosphere since the start of the industrial revolution. However there is doubt as to whether this has anything to do with global warming.

The above graph shows that the length of the sunspot cycle (inverted) has a very close correlation to the northern hemisphere temperature fluctuations. Actually the severity of sunspot cycles would be a better measure, but the records are not so consistent as the period because the records were more sparce and the instruments not as good in the 1700s.

It seems then that a decent proportion of global warming is attributable to the Sun and not humanity. This does not mean that we are not having or will not have an effect or that we should be careless.

Another important question is whether global warming will last very long given that an ice age is due any time.

Every 7th ocean wave is bigger

Some years ago I visited my friend Mountain Man in Oz. You might not guess from his name that he is a surfie. Watching the waves while he surfed, I checked out that the old story that every 7th wave is bigger is true. Also, as he told me, super big waves come at intervals of about 20 minutes.

The above graph shows data that Pete and I got from the Manly Hydraulics Laboratory. It shows clearly that waves have a main period of about 12 to 13 seconds and that there is a cycle of 7 or 8 waves.

Lightning does strike twice (and more) in the same place

The diagram shows that lightning has repeated flashes at rates of 8 and 15 times per second. The interval 1/8 of a second is the time for electromagnetic waves to pass around the earth once and return to the starting point. Oscillations of 8 per second due to this fact where first theorised and then detected by Schumann and so it is called the Schumann resonance.

Although it is not an accepted idea, I think that this frequency of oscillation is instrumental in causing the development of life forms (such as human) with brain wave frequencies of a similar rate.

Once we have this connection then we can understand why there are more accidents when lower frequency waves are present and why people's reaction times are faster or slower according to electromagnetic fields that oscillate slightly faster or slower than the Schumann resonance.

Traffic Light Cosmetics - humour

"The longest spell spent oblivious to traffic lights whilst applying make up was one of 1 hr 51 mins 38 secs by Miss J. Dobson at a road junction in the centre of Preston on the 1st August 1975. Miss Dobson, a piano teacher, beautified herself through 212 cycles of the light, creating a tailback of irate motorists stretching 28 miles towards Leeds."

Part of what is funny for me is the great accuracy of the time. No-one starts measuring the time at the traffic lights; they only notice after some time that the person isn't going. Anyway, last year we experienced similar long queues in GB and so the story has some credibility.