Saturday, May 14, 2005

(almost) everything is expanding!

On 5-November-2005 I put up a web page titled: (almost) everything is expanding! which showed that the GPS measurements of continental drift clearly had a strong bias towards the earth itself expanding as you can see for yourself there. According to most cosmologists the expansion of the universe does not apply at this scale. Oops!

Today I received an email from V Guruprasad who had already been thinking along similar lines before me and thanking me for the GPS station analysis. At the above page it has links to his published papers and web site. Keep it up Prasad!


Blogger researcher said...

Hi Ray,

I really enjoyed your research on Cymatics at:

I've also been interested in the work of Dr. Fran De Aquino at:

Dr. Aquino briefly replied to one of my emails on Cymatics with the following response:
Thanks for your message. The equation of correlation between
and inertial masses ( Eq.41, page 5 of Kinetic Quantum Theory of
Gravity) is
general for all kind of waves. Inclunding no-electromagnetic waves like
sound waves. ( See page.6 after Eq.53). This means that also sound
waves can
reduce the gravitational mass of a body. The gravitational mass can
negative in the case of strong densities of power.
Fran De Aquino

Do you think an ELF infrasound wave could replicate his work?



4:05 pm  
Blogger Clark ov Saturn said...

Wow, glad I found this! Very interesting stuff! vipassana to quantum, etc.
Maybe you would like this?


5:44 am  
Blogger littlebitofsonshine said...

very interresting thanks for sharing makes some things i been thinnking make a lot more sence safe walk in peace allways

1:37 am  

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